The only sure thing is Time.

The only sure delusion is also Time.

Years since the film titanic first came out to the screen, and the titanic is still in the bottom of the sea, for sure.

It had passed through the waves both horizontally and vertically.

The waves have passed around it in both directions too. Each wave passed it once, and then moved on into another form of energy.

The ship itself had changed from one form to another oxidized form, unidirectionally, until this Time.

Corals over its body had consistently changed, never repeating itself neither in the physical shape nor in the identity of its inhabitants.

Every single ray of light which touched its surface had been different from the next one or the neighboring one.

Every word spoken on its board, in its belly, or about it thereafter, sounded a little different from its sister word, either in the meaning it represented, the tone it was wearing, the wavelength it was fueled with or the breeze it was riding.

Every concert held on its deck was different from the theme of the next one. Every card deck played was shuffled uniquely.

Every tear born, watching the film, developed differently, and died differently.

Every toothbrush used before going to bed, touched a different mouth. Every glass filtered a different ray in a different angle, hitting differently printed retinas watching the screen in the same physical space at the same so called Time.

So, which is true? Time always changes or Time is always the same?


For me, Time is a huge transparent obese god, always there and never tangible. Always the same; we just jump from its knee, to under its shoulder to just above its eyelid, never back to the same spot, and absolutely never being allowed a peaceful nap, especially not underneath his tongue, on the inside of his left thigh. Never on the side of our face. And always, away from his palms. He is extremely particular with palms and thighs. We are particular with naps.

Time is limitlessly concave from all sides. He is the only entity who can be concave at all its multimillion surfaces and yet able to accommodate everyone else and everything else.

Therefore from its inside we are unable to see anything else because all outside is demoted multimillion Times and all inside is overwhelmingly promoted to the multimillionth power.

We get busy with a single item which has been illusion-ly mutimillionth-ly exaggerated thinking it is multimillionth-ly important, until we are shuffled to the next item, which multmillionth-ly will overshadow the previous one and take over vengefully.


A prince of hearts, red and vain, is shuffled once in its lifetime to the right hand. Only once, in the correct sequence of events, with the correct cards, in the correct hands and in the correct Time.

Again Time.

Only once, it is right for that red prince with all its hearts and J’s.

Same applies for the other Jacks, only once.


Now I sit, cross legged, with my body leaning forward just a bit, just counting my heartbeats, just ready to jump out of the shallow dry remnant of a pond, just bellow Time’s collar bone.

It has been comfortable there knowing that Time could not see me while I was hiding there.

I only decided to get out of there, may be tomorrow, because I have just learnt that Time had decided to go blind the minute he realized no one can or want to take the Time to see him. Therefore, he decided to refuse to see anyone and anything which does not decide to see him. And went blind. Just like that. Just on basic principle. For basic logic. Just for justice.

Under the collar bone, the right one to be precise, before it joins the arm, was a comfortable place. It is going to be comfortable there always, it is the same always, does not change; only the occupants move along.

Just like that.



45 thoughts on “Time

  1. Ahmad Dalqamouny says:

    I believe time is the same, it is there like the color blue, always been there and yet the humans evolved to use it or abuse it, but when it comes to time you have no choice, but the choice of life,
    مبروووكة حكيم المدونة ، عسى تكون فاتحة خير ان شاء الله

  2. Dalia Jallad says:

    طرح رائع وجميل وموفق
    عندما تحدثت عن سفينة تايتنك ,, نقلتني الى ذلك العالم وكأنني انتقل واتحرك مع الامواج ,, من جمال تلك الفقرة أعدت قراءتها مرتين ,, ابداع التصوير بها موفق جدا

    مبااارك المدونة وننتظر منك المزيد من التألق والابداع 🙂

  3. “It has been comfortable there knowing that Time could not see me while I was hiding there” I wish it was true !!
    To me time is the most precious thing that can never be controlled..i would love if there is a way that we can hide from it or it could be blind !! and what kills me that it goes so fast..faster than i wished 😦

    Great job Dr. Ahmed i really liked it a lot…keep going 🙂

    • There isn’t, for now.
      May be getting to know Time better, and befriend him, will make us less afraid, less worried, a little more at peace, or may even slow him down a little! who knows?

      Thank you 🙂

  4. while I was reading this blog, my brain was narrating it in the voice of the narrator from the movie “series of unfortunate events” 🙂
    it’s poetic, romantic and recitative.
    it was another endorsement for my “happy mood” since I watched the movie “About Time” yesterday!
    even though I am not 100% agreeing with you on your perspective of time but your idea is very original. I’ve never read or heard about a concept such genuine as yours.

    I wish you all the luck, and thank you for this dose of joy.
    I guess I’m going to be a permanent guest here 🙂

    • Lovely praise from someone who is obviously well seasoned!
      What I wrote about Time is only one view, from one angle and is not a conviction by any means. Still, it is an amusing view.
      I am so happy you enjoyed it, and proud you are following my brainchildren.
      I haven’t watched the film “About Time” and as a matter of fact have not heard of it. Ill add to the list.
      Do please stay here; we’ll enjoy it

    • I still need to read it once again to fully understand your concept of time…. yet I really loved the way you write.. great blog … Good luck

  5. shaima al-bakheit says:

    For me time is still the same from.ever it has been known never changed and never affected by others .. It’s us who are affecred by it wheather we tried to ignore it passing by or counting it and fearing it .. It’s the most important factor in our lives wheather we like it or not
    ومبروك المدونة دكتور 🙂

    • Its difficult to know though, is it Time that changes us, or what takes place within its realm that does. A frozen human can stay in space for hundreds of years; unchanged.

  6. mshoubaki says:

    I think that “moment” is the unit of intersection between Time and place. The hearts king was shuffled at a moment. Every toothbrush touches different mouth in different moments.
    So its deeper than Time.

    Good luck at our blog.

    • I can see your definition of “moment” and agree with it, but “Deeper”?! I see time as all encompassing; not exactly an entity and not comparable to anything else. It is something beyond our three usual dimensions.

      Thank you for the good wishes.

  7. صحيح، الزمن ثابت! لا يتبدل ولا يتغير رغم تبدل وتغير دلالاته. فقط نحن البشر الموسومون بصفة التحول الفيزيولجي والفكري والسياسي.. لكن للزمن التابث،سلطته وجبروته ، فمن يملك الزمن يسيطر على كل . شيء. نص رائع وأفكاره جيدة. شكرا، أخي الكريم.

    • وهذا الحلم بان يملك احدهم الزمن، من الكبر ، بحيث لا يصرّح به انسان.
      شكرا على متابعتك أخي ، ودمت بخير.

  8. مبروك المدونة أتمنى لك مزيد من التألف ومبارك عليك فحروفك منسوجة بالإبداع
    أختك غادة الشهوان

  9. Dina says:

    Exactly what i needed to read after a long exhausting day .. Peace.. Calmness… I felt i went on a jounery and returned back to my balcony ..

  10. abusameerzen says:

    بدايه تمتلكها الشجاعه وحسن الثقافه والاطلاع ومزيج لفكر مستنير واتمناها ك خطوة الالف ميل ومتقدمه على الكثير الكثير من بدايه بعض المدونات فلكم كل الصبر والاجتهاد والافاده ومزيد من المثابره الزاهره

    • اشكرك على هذا الكلام الجميل والإشادة العذبة، بارك الله بك، وأتمنى ان نستمر بالسماع منك.

    • Oooh!! Is it the first time for you for real !? Man, very well done! It’s more than excellent for a very first time; it’s stong enough to take me back to H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine”.
      One of the most classic, wonderfully imaginative science fiction sentence I’ve ever read: “In a moment my hand was on the lever, and I had placed a month between myself and these monsters.”

      Congratulations! Keep it up Dr.

      By the way, look at the nice coincidence; he is H.G and you are A.G 😉

      Thank you so much, it’s an honour to me for being one of the people who’ve been mentioned to review and asked for their opinion.

      Congratulations again and best wishes for your next one.

      • Thanks a lot for you encouragement an reassuring remarks. Being able to resonate with Wells even in the slightest, is a medal by itself.
        I hope you continue to visit these writings, and critique them.
        I am honored 🙂

    • Time is a creatures that tells all and is always telling, its us who turn a deaf ear, except occasionally and when convenient.

      Thank you for your thoughts.

  11. Jameel says:

    الله الله
    فيزيكال و ميتافيزيكال
    نثر يشابه الشعر و خيال و واقع
    عميقة جدا
    رائعة حبيتها كثير
    محتاج اقرأها كمان كم مرة عشان استوعبها منيح و اعطيها حقها و حقا ايضا انها تستحق ان تقرا اكثر من مرة
    بداية عظيمة

    • أخجلتني واسعدتني بتعليقك، وانت يا من ” ما عنده لحية ممشّطة”
      اشكرك ويسعدني دوام متابعتك

  12. الزمن هو اكثر ما يثير حيرتي و دهشتي ، مقال جميل و تصوير رائع .

    الى الامام صديقي العزيز

  13. ” يا زمان من عمر فيي العشب عالحيطان من قبل ما صار الشجر عالي”
    قرأتها بتمعن .. بس ما قدرت أفهم كل إشي _ مش كلغة_ بس كفكرة .. مش شرط نفهم كل إشي بس يمكن بيكفي نعتبرو إشي حلو
    بوركت دكتور .. راقي كعادتك

    • نعم، هو كلام قد يبدو تائهً بعض الشيء. وهي نظرة ومحاولة إضاءة ضوء .
      “نوِّر قناديل”

      شكراً لكِ

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