We are sitting side to side, we are talking.

In another corner in time, Anthony and Cleopatra spoke as their ships were avenging each other in the northern east part of the Mediterranean.

“I thought you have stopped loving me”
“Stopped! Loving, my dear, is incapable of stopping itself; it is a snowball rolling down a slope;  only capable of gaining dimension”
“But love can transform, into hate, rage, disgust, or wane into indifference”
“Incorrect; if it becomes indifference, then it had never been love at all, the other forms of emotion are still love, only fighting and reclaiming its root and primal shape. Love is like time, always present, always the same”

The flames from the last ship quenched into the sea.

The waves gained back their luster and moved along rubbing each other with everlasting love.

“Now, we can go home Cleo, let us go my love”

Cleo’s waist filled the curve of his right arm, his fingers gently, hugged her side, her left cheek reluctantly fell on his right shoulder, his neck bent slightly hugging her head, and off they walked.


51 thoughts on “Cleo

  1. Dina says:

    Mmmmm it reminds me of my line: he means nothing to me that i dont even hate him.. When there is anger there is still love …. Good morning .. Keep it up 🙂

  2. Esraa' says:

    “Only true love stays forever… only two person who are really and deeply in love with each other can withstand the hindrances of life.”

  3. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    ولا عزاء لركاب السفن

    Nice “excerpt”. Hidden emotion r intense and they can have a misleading impact! (maybe I`m reading too much into it but that`s what occurred to me whilst reading this)
    Snowball? Slope?? That`s one scientifically educated Cleo u have here 😉

    • Well yes, what is happening to the ships, the waves, the war, and the calm; all resonate with what and how emotions are quickly changing in the characters souls, and only in response to words. Words are more powerful than battles my dear.

      Slope and snowball are perfectly natural terms for natural entities; don’t blame literature for what Physics had borrowed 🙂

  4. I’m sitting at my office in my corner of the open space – the group managers with our plant manager are walking around – however; all of that couldn’t help me not to bend my nick when I went deep with my imagination, oh wait! No, when YOU bought me deep to the atmosphere of the imagination you’ve just created.

    Good job my friend 🙂
    Have a nice day, filled with joy as the lucky right arm of our man “Anthony” 😉

    • WoW, I am happy I brought you some sea breeze.
      Get your managers to read, may be they’ll find out that there are better things in life than just being…what they are 😉

  5. ابو جزاع الصخري says:

    اسمحلي اقتبس “ﺇﻟﻰ ﺍﻟﻤﻜﺎﻥ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻛﺜﻴﺮﻭﻥ ﺳﻌﻰ، ﺃﺑﺪﺍ ﻭﺻﻞ ﺇﻟﻰ،” مدونتك اى حروفك

    • ثنائك هو الأجمل. نعم عزيزي تستطيع الاقتباس، مع “العزو للمؤلف” او لينك رابط للتدوين.
      اشكرك جزيلاً، أخجلتني 🙂

  6. Ahmad Dalqamouny says:

    “The waves gained back their luster and moved along rubbing each other with everlasting love.”
    And yet you have choosen the happy ending wave and who knows, an ending might be the beginning of another story.
    جميلة جداً حكيم

  7. Lilian says:

    Beautiful! .. We need to remind ourselves that love -in its true meaning- still exists… beyond doubt…

    Well written that it gives you a visual image of the settings and the characters.

    Keep it up, doc.

    • It is present, and is clear to the thoughtful and to those who keep their hearts open, and to the courageous. I do believe that those who are capable of accepting love are stronger than those who can only give it. Of course, it is best to be able to do both; accept and give.

      Thank you, the one and only Lilian 😉

  8. Ahmad Al-Zaabi says:

    Its really great.
    I was surprised or shocked, I thought for a while its one of
    William Shakespeares stories.
    Go ahead you are genius.

  9. abusameerzen says:

    المراكب لا يعيقها انكسار الضوء بالماء الاستمراريه عنوان وهنيئا للابداع

    • Thank you Ayman. We all know love I think, but may be we are reluctant to define it, since it is bigger than words. and this is one instance where we think beyond words.

      I like your tweet, it is true. Next week’s touches on that.

  10. صباح الخيرأحمد الله ماأجمل إحساسك والتعمق في حرفك كعادتك في رقي حرفك بتمنالك مزيدمن التقدم

  11. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    I am enjoying the comments by the way, they are great to read.

    I do -surely- feel the love, the scenery of words, and the multiplying beauty stemming from all that. However I also can`t escape a feeling that there is (might be) more to it; there seems ,to me, a presence of fear and a distrust of life altogether even with the company of a/the significant other. Maybe it is because we r fragile and trusting a path -all the way- with a certain someone is hard to accept or grasp, hence the distrust and/or fear, I don`t know. But it IS there, among the words and beneath them. Almost even prior to them too.

    Of course this is just an interpretation that is coming after re-reading what u wrote, it might be drifting away from the “theme” but this is -basically- due to lack of info that we have on questions such as: the timing u wrote the words, why, how many times u drafted them, and what state of mind u were in when initiating, progressing, and deciding to finalize such words.

    Naturally a dispersing view is a good thing after all. It is nice to get new insights from the same thing (in this case; words), adds value and life -in some sort- causing an even “higher” effect.

    I will end my comment by thanking you again for this.

    • It is re-assuring that many levels of thought are stimulated every time a piece is read. This adds , as you have mentioned, depth and thoughtfulness.
      I myself don’t remember the time frame during which this was developed in details. But, in spite of being short, it, as well as the other pieces, did evolve.
      When anyone reads anything, one cannot completely read with absolute objectivity, as a matter of fact, objectivity in literature is boring, but always sheds part of his/her soul into what is being read; project if you may.
      Thanks always for your input and remarks that raise dust.

  12. فاطمة says:

    Life without love is like a painting without colors.
    I liked it so much especially ” love is like time, always present, always the same” allow me to quote these words and write it on twitter. 😉

  13. You just threw me deeper in despair!
    I had the biggest crush on him than anyone could ever have and I thought I would never get my chance.Why did you do this to me, Antony!
    *tries to look cool and calm* 😛

  14. إني لا أؤمن في حبٍ.. ”
    لا يحمل نزق الثوار..
    لا يكسر كل الأسوار
    لا يضرب مثل الإعصار.. ”

    خفيفة متل نسمة .. بتفوت عالقلب بالسرعة .. يعطيك العافية دكتور

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