“Bigger! smaller my son, even smallest; give yourself up to the smallest possible if you can. To be able to perceive the whole picture, you need to accept its elements. Smaller is within, pure, simple, yet carries all the secrets. All the world, all the events, everything that affects you, that you find big, everything you see, feel, hear, smell or even imagine comes into you at dots, small dots, onto a tiny pit in your eyes, a little speck in your ears, the finest tips of your nerves. Everything disintegrates before it starts to make sense. Yet these little pieces present themselves to your spirit covered with a tiny crystal like wrapping, a capsule. To smell the perfume within, you have to unwrap, you have to want to perceive and accept, the perfume is only released if you break the shells, the shell of every single tiny capsule.

“But the big picture is the important picture, isn’t it”

“Well, think of what you call the big picture as a huge pyramid by the Nile, or the throne of the queen of Arabia, that you have to take into you, to perceive, to feel, to understand; it has to be first dismantled , each block has to be destroyed, if you may, into the smallest possible intact pieces, those pieces get loaded in small capsules onboard little sailboats, the boats sail in rivers, different rivers, and arrive to you one by one. You, then, have to accept each sail, open each box, , and reintegrate all pieces together. The more sails you harbor, the more capsules you crack, the more pieces you accept, the clearer your understanding will be, the fuller the conception, the more complete is your map.

What is this in your hand?”

“A snow dome”

“There it is then; this snowstorm of yours has a whole world within, you shake it and its snow flakes fill it up, a storm, then they settle. You only look at it from outside the glass and know only the part that you see; do you think you know it? That which you call the big picture, do you think that’s it? That is all there is to it, the whole idea? what is important? what would it feel like if you, yourself is a fleck among those flecks, how would it feel when I shake the ball with you inside? at the end all will settle, but you will be feeling and comprehending differently, the flecks that all look the same to you now, with no character to, except being part of the whole picture, will look differently from within; each will have its own shape, role and character, each will have its own life. And when you settle with them in the bottom, and accept them as integral and unique parts of the play, you will be able to appreciate them more and the greater picture more. Moreover, with each new shake I shake, there will be a whole new lifetime.

And what if I break the globe altogether?

Think my son, think of the smallest elements, and then you will be able to see better, may be even see the secrets, the whole thing.”

The six year old Hulm, then grabbed his snow dome and walked away, over the arc way leading to the door, thinking: “That did not answer me. Why everyone around me is insisting on what seems like self destruction? everyone wants to be a flake! Are they in search of their basic elements?”

“See you at dinner grandfather; are we going to watch the game together tonight?”

“Yes, we may watch, or we may play our own game“ Sadeem replied, while searching for his dentures.



12 thoughts on “Hulm

  1. Dina says:

    I feel sorry for those people who think they were born with their complete puzzles in their pockets… They never understand the obsession about collecting pieces.. I always say that from little things.. the best things begin.. Thx Ahmad for sharing ur specialness 🙂

    • True; life may even be too short to collect all the pieces. We only hope we are lucky enough to find the critical ones at least. So, keep the harbor wide open.

      Thank you for your interest and input 🙂

  2. A consider the big picture metaphor for linguistic means that the perceived rights of things holistically and look wide. Thread Isn’t philosophical, but is very practical .. The consideration of things inclusiveness has become a mainstay for the ingredients for success.
    In the context of globalization and the disappearance of the border after the liquidity of knowledge and with the age of the Internet, became the possession of the overall vision of a new measure of progress.
      Thomas Freedman in his book, “The world is flat”, talked about a holistic view and consider the big picture, and talked about the importance of this idea at the present time…
    The text you typed won my admiration, and made ​​me think of things in terms of inclusiveness. But I assure you that it is very difficult to have the rights that all of the elements heading in the right frame and make the overall vision of things is correct.
      It’s the era of the big picture.

    Sorry, writing in English is difficult for me ;but I’m trying to

    • في ما دوّنت هنالك تأكيد على ان المكونات الاساسية و حتى التفاصيل، كلها مهمة وبشكل مستقل، بالاضافة الى دور كل جزء تكميلياً في صنع الصورة الكاملة.
      ان كنت انت تميل الى ان الحياة العصرية تستوجب الأخذ بالحقائق كما هي كاملة وجاهزة للهضم، فإني ارى ان في هذا الاسلوب “العولمي” إجحاف بكلا الطرفين؛ الرائي والمرئي.

      في فهم الاشياء متعة تعمل “الحضارة” الحديثة باصرار على ان تحرمنا منها، مع اننا خُلقنا لنتدبّر.

      الصورة الكبرى هي مهمة بالطبع، ولكني ارى اننا لن نستوعبها ان لم نفهم التفاصيل، او على الأقل نبحث بها.

      الطفل الذي يريد معرفة الأجوبة بسرعة وأخذ الامور كما هي، موجود في كلن منا. وكذلك حكمة الجًد. ونحن بأيدينا نختار لايٍ ٍمنهما نسمح بالتحكم بحياتنا، او باي نسبة يساهمان. في كلٍ منّا “سديم” ولكلٍ منّا “حُلُم”

      اشكرك على وقتك ورأيك الرائع. سَعدت بك 🙂

  3. abusameerzen says:

    بداية البدايه قبل الاستعجال لمعرفة النهايه ومن ثم البجث في التفاصيل او ما نريده منها …..خير على خير وتقدم ملحوظ له خاتمه عظيمه ان شاء الله

  4. قال الإمام علي _ رضي الله عنه _ : ” أتحسب أنك جرم صغير وفيك انطوى العالم الأكبر ”

    مع إني ما بحب أقرأ بالإنجليزي .. إلا إني صدقاً بستمتع بقراءة مدونتك .. بانتظار كل جديد

    • وهل كان سؤاله كرّم الله وجهه توكيدياً ام استنكارياً؟

      وشكراً على متابعتك، أسعدتيني 🙂

  5. فاطمة says:

    Unfortunatly we are living in a modern era which is surrounded by tecnology that decreses of cognitive production. The thing is, the new generation is not aware of the consequenses of using these technolegies improperly. They will not understand how things work. Plato was always seeking knowlege, and the origin of everything.

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