Brewing Desire

A sunshine screen is glowing in light, creating two facial figures; a reflection of a head with a spiky gel groomed scalp, and a fantasy face wrapped in a white coffin, underneath a silver veil.

The young woman sitting, or rather crouching, in front of the television screen, lifts up her head at the shrieking sound of a cry. The cry is coming from the fantastic box in front of her.

The wrapped girls face in the box is now unwrapped; it is completely symmetrical, fair, olive shaped eyes, meaty lips, gently uplifted nose and skin without a single blemish. The unwrapping is all in concomitance with that scream.

Raheema is watching the scene unfolding, as if expecting a surprise, anticipating and motionless except for some transparent fluid welling in her eyes. She ignores the running nail polish on her toes and, although she had watched this several times before, cannot but fully watch it again, as if hoping fate will just change.

The image on the screen switches to focus on the babbling sympathizing plastic surgeon. One cannot deny the beauty of the interlacing symmetrical triangles of his face. Handing the reclining woman a handheld mirror: “Sorry, this is the best we could do”

The camera angle now widens to include three other women, nurses, standing by the doctor, staring in anguish at the reclining crying goddess. Sorrow and sympathy is evident on the three of them. Tears are seeping down on their symmetrical interlacing triangular faces.


Six year old Nao had just finished a bout of vomiting, yet another hairball. And was just sinking in at the corner into a promising slumber, when the room lights went on and grandma walked in;

“Are you not sick of watching this? Twilight Zone, and so loudly!”

“Just, leave me alone, I’ll be seeing the doctor shortly.”

“You have been seeing therapist doctors for how long now? You are still the same if you ask me; as stable as a dune. Don’t you know quicksands do not grow grass! Calm down and just accept. Anyway, to each his own. Have you seen my night gown? I’ll be having my bedtime drink with my friend next door.”

Nao, now very annoyed, but curious to see Raheema‘s reaction, raises one lid.

“Take the whole bottle with you grandmother, sip away. And no, I did not ask you”

“Damn this place; every one seems to be searching for something. Leave her alone woman. I hope you fall and break both hips, and your bottle” Nao murmurs as he lowers back that eyelid, and buries his face in his chest. All disappear.





18 thoughts on “Brewing Desire

  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    Nice read (3ala hal sobe7) 🙂

    I think my fav. line was: “The wrapped girls face in the box is now unwrapped; it is completely symmetrical, fair”

  2. مساء الخير عنوان القصة رائعة عنوان جميل جداً ومضمون حرفها مُرهف حساس كأشعة الشمس متوهجة في الضوء رائع ياأحمد بارك الله في حرفك
    وأتمنى لك التقدم والإبداع
    أختك غادة

  3. A breathtaking scene, I was reading this exactly likewise Raheema when was watching her scene! Motionless, reading the paragraphs several times, as if hoping of much more excitement

    Astonishing motionless but full of emotions picture

  4. abusameerzen says:

    ردود افعال معبره على قصه جميله لا يمكنني ان اضيف سوى ان هنالك ضوء من البدايه وليست النهايه وان الاستمرار يساعدنا على انتظار ماهو جديد ومفيد …شكر الك

    • نتطلع دوماً للضوء، سواء كنا تحت سطح الماء او فوق سطح القمر، نسعى له بقلوبنا قبل حواسنا.

  5. Dina says:

    I like those details.. Makes me feel i was in that room. i even got annoyed by gramma.. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness 🙂

  6. Lubna says:

    الاحساس رائع و التدرج مميز بيخليك مندمج
    ناطرين ابداعك التالي

  7. لديك خيال وبريق يشد القارئ لإكمال القراءة للنهاية أرجو أن يكون للعربية نصيب من أحرفك ففكرك
    الأدبي جذاب جداً وأظنه يجذب شريحة كبيرة من القراء .. موفق

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