Please answer the following ten questions by punching out the mark next to the appropriate answer

1. AGE: * Below 6 *6-60 *Above 60.

2. Genetic Code: *X *Y.

3. Mobile Eye: *Less than 50 Mega pixels * 50 or more Mega pixels.

4. Procreational activities in the past 10 months: *Y *N.

5. Mode of Antidepressants: *SRSI * Non SRSI.

6. Do you like yourself now: *N *Y.

7. Organ to be modified: ————- (Please specify)

8. Calendar followed: * Solar * Lunar

9. Are you a member of the Green Planet Society: *Y *N.

10. Preferred method of payment: * Credit * Community service.

Please spit [HERE] for your DNA signature.


Raheema, with no hesitation, spat on the dotted box.



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