It’s a desert.

I want these hills removed.

I want my front to look like sand dunes.

They said they’ll make nice scars below where my breasts are, after they remove them.

I requested those scars be tattooed; with dark brown. Also create similar scars above and below; longer scars that run gently downwards, in different hues of brown.

I want to look like Mauritania.

Dunes… Emptiness.

I want to look how I feel, want to express my in.

I feel belonging to this empty surgery corridor,

It is even painted brown.


end of chapter I



8 thoughts on “Sahara

  1. Najah Z. says:

    First at all salamtak if you’re going to have a surgery .
    If not , it is an optimistic vision of you about the circumstances around you .
    Waiting for the rest

  2. The idea is beautiful, and this is what I see might apply to Iraq, currently, in the process of beautifying the city of Mosul, followed by excisional process for citizens and for them to leave their land by force for the benefit of Iran, America and the spoiled son and this is what happened in other Arab countries also

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