La vie

Life goes on.

As Leonardo had once said:” Life is movement, and movement is life”.

It is time to move on; it is time for Breeze to breeze away.

Demoozi can continue his sun worship. But I cannot.

Not only because, but most importantly because: The moon is slumber-ing. And; the nights are getting cold. And I do not want to freeze.

I shall Breeze away.

My left eye is swollen, from sleeping on my left face side.

My right – eye that is- is numb, for not being used for long.

Remember Vitruvian? He was complete; both right and left.

Grass does grow in the spring, but, is, futile.

A rose tree, if nourished, flowers for the second time in autumn.

Three are the father, the son and the Spirit.

Three is the late night Moslem prayer.

Ask anyone to name what they like most; they will name 3.

“3” has 3 edges in both the Indian and Arabic script.


Pronouncing “3”: One would go from the teeth to the palate and then to the throat; again “3”. Then it gets swallowed.

The triangle with 3 sides is the most stable figure.

The obelisk has a triangle at its tip.

The pyramid, if seen from one side is; triangular.

Jesus died at thirty three.

Mohammad; at sixty three, which is, again, 3 and three and three.

The redefinition of the three is strictly coincidental.

Three are the worshipped.

Three are the sea, sand and sky,

Three are the soul, body and mind,

Three are the woman, man and son,

Three are the phrases of a song,

Threes are the sorrows….

Creations of God are 3: Angels, demons, and, of course, us.

Grapes are harvested, ripe, in the third season of each year.

Olives are best picked in autumn.

Wine colors itself is in “3”: White, red, and rose’e.

Cactus and yet some other beings, live all year.



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