Not almost always, but always; that the ones you love most, are the ones who excel in hurting most.

Relatives, friends, lovers and even acquaintances,

Think they know better.

Think they know what is best for you.

Think they can decide for you.

But you know: They do not know.

They do not know that: your belly hurts, your back is in spasm, and that your knee are squeezing with pain.

What do they know?

Do they know the boil in your chest?

They do not know how to fill that hollow at the bottom of the sternum,

They do not know how to make your shoulders relax.

Do ‘nay’ know how to make you not vomit.

Baptized, yes I got baptized.

I did the hajj, yes I am a Hajj.

I walked the land Moses walked.

I prayed to the moon, the sun, Ishtar, and the see.’’’

I yet need to be loved.

Accepted: is it too much to ask for?

I wonder


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