As she was parking her car before entering the Calamity city- which by the way is a strictly pedestrian town- Delila was thinking of the [her] brain; the mere cells which control the uncontrollable.

The predefined mortal neurons which are the masters; the “Serve me or I die, then you suffer.” that of course, talking to the rest of her body.

Relocating; geographically.

Relocating; professionally.

But most importantly relocating: ‘Passion’ly.

Letting go of all the past; the emotions, the places, the chairs, the ever- whining ceiling fan.

The corridor; where her mother used to collide with her, limping away, towards the toilet.

Letting go…of her -black and white- television.

Letting go… of the starving stray cats; those which, used to wait by her front door.

Letting go of …the belonging,

And the: longing.

Letting go of… Zoe.

Delila, then, locked her car, -with the remotely controlled car-key-, got her parking number, and, entered the “8”ghth gate of Calamity- The city, that is-.


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