Limpy cried out “Raheema!

Breeze is rejecting Demoozi; please help”

Raheema gathered her slate blue morning-less and went into the garden.

the breeze was adhering her dress to the her newly mast-ec-tomized chest, and in between her thighs.

but Limpy made sure she made her way to ‘Breeze”

“What is happening my dear, talk to me”

Breeze spoke;

” I feel desolate, ill-usioned, and worthless.

I do not want to be here, yet I am here.

i Love you, love Demoozi,Enk, Lim-py, Tigris, Nao, and all others.

but I do not feel I’m loved.

Po had given me a new insight, but my vision is my vision.

I am leaving Raheema. I am saddened, but I am.

Demoozi had given me some remorse which I respect, but he wouldn’t understand that Tigris is not coming back. If she would; it would not be for him.

Raheema my dear; I love you…But I have to go.

I had wanted you to help me packing, but now ,I think I do not need to pack.

I’ll just bathe and go”

“I’ll rub your back in the shower”

She did. and blessed him goodbye.

Breeze walked away, a little gesture to Demoozi who was amazed of what was happening and almost glued to the tree trunk.

Breeze walked on.

into the sea; xwhere Tigris may have walked into before.


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