My little Princess


She walk up from her stupor.

Amber was drinking coffee under the lemon tree.

The little girl walked over to her, bare footed, and with a long dis-shambled hair.

She had navy blue night dress on, with many holes in it.

She stood silent in front of Ameera.

“What would you like me to call you my child”

“My father used to call me my little princess… Now my father is gone, so call me whatever you like.”

” Sit down my child… I for now will call you Amber.

Do you like that name?

If you do not mind, tell me please your story.”

” I am from Tadmur. My father used to call me his little princess, as I was born seventh after six boys.

One day, black clothes men, came to our town, destroyed all arifactjs killed my parents an slaughtered my six brothers.

I fled, ran and ran until I found some army people, who took me in to this land..

I then kept on walking.

I then faint, and found myself in a nice hospital with a white dress on.

they told me; my child; we had found you in the desert, bleeding.

We had to remove your mom.

I then left the place, and walked here to you.

I did ask you for alcohol, because I was at some point told, tat alcohol relieves all problems.”

“My Child, my name is Ameera, sit down and let me read your cup. Sit down”