“You seem burdened my child”

“Divina, mom!”

“What about her?”


Expectant silence.

“Di” “vi” “na”. “My mouth fills and my throat dampens with each syllable of her name.”

Limpy, Ignoring the sudden flash of heartburn that she felt in her chest; “Besides you borrowing Nobakov’s vocabulary, where is the problem?”

“I believe that she believes she is not a cat anymore”

Re-swallowing the bitterness which had quickly consumed her mouth: “May be she is not.”

“A while ago she insisted that we…I look into her eyes when we are…mmm…intimate; she felt she wanted to see my love.”


“So, I had to dig out a hole just below the level where she, so gracefully had laid on her back, stood on my hinds and…and looked into her eyes”

“Was it painful my child?”

“It was beautiful.”

“Uh, Xerxus, I… Is that what you had to do when she got pregnant with the twins?”

“No, that time she wanted to conceive immaculately; we had to do it in-vitro, inseminate her, and she delivered through a cut in her tummy.”

“My child, I tell you this much; I was so happy when I experienced every bit of nature; turning into a woman, having you, all through natural channels. Whats wrong with cats these days!? hadn’t it been for your father being there, I would have slept with any group of street cats. Natural is beautiful. “Staring”!!! I’m not sure, I’ve never experienced it, and had never cared to know“

Limpy pondered, then, “Did she want to see that too? the cutting and what have you?”

“But of course, she insisted on only having her lower body numbed down, and watched the whole thing

A prolonged sigh; “Fine, whatever,  So, what is the problem now?”

“Now she wants to have me put a chastity belt on her”

“Chastity what?!….Forget it son, find someone else, you are a cat, you are entitled to roam, chastity my hind foot.”


“Why Not?”

“I love her”

“Suit your garbage self then”

Limpy walked away, with both ears and tail down.

Xerxus continued watching the rain as it was streaming down the stained window glass.

Nao was watching from afar, enjoying the whole scene, and muffling his giggles.