Single Eyed Limpy

Limpy limped in with a bandaged eye this time.
Nao, who had been licking his cheeks, was thinking that he was getting better and better reaching far places on his face with his tongue year after year. Might be at the turn of the decade he would be able to reach his ears without the need for his fists. He was entertaining and enjoying that idea when he saw the pathetic looks of Limpy. All activities then halted, and his eyes almost popped out. Limpy said: “Oh, don’t look so devastated now as if you care, you didn’t even when I was all young and in love with you, you little bastard.”
Nao swallowed, almost his tongue: “You are right, but what happened to you, your eye?”
With a swift experienced move, Limpy removed the bandage and helped herself to the residual meat of what had been chicken wings in Nao’s bowl.
She added: “It’s a fake. I use this trick when I seek sympathy, along with soiling my hair and pulling out some tufts from around my back”
“You harlot”
“Mm, I love this expression, where did you learn it? “Harlot”! yes, that’s me. Thank you doll”
“So, who is the victim this time?”
“Oh, no one, I just felt like passing sometime in that feline internet café, so, my dear, I pulled on these looks, some tears, and told the witch there that I had to see my daughters online; It worked”
“And since when have you been missing them?”
“I haven’t, but I used them in order to access the web, I had to send a message to…, what was his name? Do not remember, actually he had not given me a name. I do not care about names anyway.”
“Now you are talking; anonymous romantic rendezvous is more like you, not the loving missing mom. So, any news?”
“ I just left a message, told him I’ll be waiting in, not in front but inside, the “Only blue bags” container in front, guess what, your building, Nao, I am having a date right under your nose; your little pink lovely wet nose”
“I meant news from your daughters, dear”
“Oh, them. They are alright I guess, in there Nowherestan. Happy with the small gadgets they buy, and with their never ending offspring. Nothing has changed since they left, still sticking to one another like the blind kittens they were, and do their best to offend me with their silence. As if I care. Do you see me care, Nao?”
“But of course, you are the icon of maternal self sacrifice.”
“See, oh, thank you precious”. Nao rolled up his eyes and returned to grooming himself.
“I have to admit to one thing; those four daughters of mine are always together, one is farsighted by the way, her sister was reading to her what I occasionally wrote. They move together in the same space, they actually share one space, no boundaries; a magnetic field in unison; hehe. Sometimes I wonder: did I have a role in nurturing this love between them? “
“Surely, you did; you threw them away, together, and walked away from them all together at the same time. Therefore Limpy, for their togetherness, I guess you did earn the credit.”
“You are right; as harsh as it may sound, I think I did them well, left them hungry together. Now they continue to support each other and stand for each other. I was a good mom after all.”
“A point of correction Limpy, I do not think that you had their well being in mind”
“Haven’t, I? Ok, I haven’t. Well, I needed my space, and there were four of them, forget it. I am happy now”

“Oh by the way, Raheema is back today from wherever she was; she looks beautiful but still as… distant as ever”

“Ah, Raheema is back! I love that woman, I sure will have a cat chat with her sometime. Any more chicken wings dearest?”