The Turquoise Mantle

After Tigris had told him, in his dreams, that he was not worthy; a big, rather large, wave came across him.
His trunk was, by then, withering away. His butterflies were leaving him. Only a bald canary was sticking to his right shoulder.
By then, his muscles were melting. He was waving his shoulder to scare that canary away.
The canary stuck by. From within that wave, Tigris came by, and threw that turquoise shawl upon him. Demoozi did try to stand up and carry that shawl.
He couldn’t.
He completely collapsed.
That canary , first stood still for a moment, then, flew away.
The sea got greener. The waves stood silent.
The trees had stopped hissing.
Red dandilions started blossoming in the same place that tree trunk was.

Demoozi had been there.

But, he is not there anymore.


Silver Lining

Silver lining

Lining is silver.; inlaid by gold.

She dreamt of waking up to a storm. She walked to the window as if on cotton fluffs.

White snow was knee high and blocking the door.

She looked at the sky; there was a single silver lined grey cloud.

She went in and put lentil soup on the stove to boil.

She had a hot shower.

By the time she had her cup of soup, the snow was melting.

Her long black hair was evaporating.

She opened the long wooden cupboard closet, pulled out her grandmothers ring, and wore it around her right middle finger.

The ring was completely Turquoise.

She was completely naked.




She stepped onto the wooden podium. Her braids had dried up. Her cheeks too.

Three men were sitting there; a rabbi, a monk, and a sheik.

She , with utmost dignity, allowed a young boy in.

All three monsters upraised and asked what would that filthy “Rabbit” do in their presence.

She replied: ” He will dig a nail in my feet, once you crucify me”

“How do you know that we will, my child?” the monk said.

” You my master are so so gentle, but have you forgotten what the church had done to Maria Magdalena, or to John the baptist?”

“It was them who killed them” pointing at the rabii.

The Rabi who was at that point spitting at his fingers and wetting his braids, got alerted.

He stood up and angrily said: “That was all arranged with you monk; we did not kill anyone.”

The sheik, after his slumber, woke up, and said:” Cool it down boys, we have inherited all, We will kill each other, and save our heads.”

“Since Socrates, you have not changed” the whore said.

“Ali, Dig nails in my body. That will be easier than this”

Ali started to dig her feet.

After nailing, she was able to bend her knees.

She then, fell asleep.

Ameena woke up drenched in her sweat.






The end

“Limpy” kept on limping in the desolate city.

During her roaming she met “Delila” waling hand in hand with “”Po”.

“Can you please tell me whats going on”?

“NO, you have to figure it out yourself”

” How about our “Hulm”?

” He, also, has to figure it out too”



The End






“Hulm” ran to his father, “Enk”: Papa, my mother”Tigris” had just returned.

“Enk” continued drawing his water elements.

“Limpy” jumped in, to the second floor of that Calamity building, and pulled “Hulm” out of his stupor.

She bit his shorts, and pulled him out.

She took him to the garden.

No one was there; not “Demoozi,” “Tigris”, “Raheema”, or “breeze”.

There was only the cats; “Nao”, and his offspring.

The only man there was the  good old “Po”

All else were gone.




It Has Not Been a Wave


A wave is never the same.

It turns from green to blue to yellow.

And then splashes and disappears.

A wave carries fish, eggs and skins of dead water creatures.

A wave keeps on polishing corals.

But a wave cannot polish a human soul.

“Tigris” came out of a wave.

She walked in, as if on water, in a black dress, with laces.

Her legs were reflecting the the moonshine.

She had her face covered in a black veil.

“Demoozi” was awaiting , all along, awaiting her.

She told him: “Son, I was not in the sea… I was in the golden wheat fields.

Grow up my son, the sun is everywhere”

She then kissed him goodbye, and went into the calamity building.

“Demoozi” stayed on his tree trunk.

There were no more butterflies.

But cockroaches and snakes.




Limpy cried out “Raheema!

Breeze is rejecting Demoozi; please help”

Raheema gathered her slate blue morning-less and went into the garden.

the breeze was adhering her dress to the her newly mast-ec-tomized chest, and in between her thighs.

but Limpy made sure she made her way to ‘Breeze”

“What is happening my dear, talk to me”

Breeze spoke;

” I feel desolate, ill-usioned, and worthless.

I do not want to be here, yet I am here.

i Love you, love Demoozi,Enk, Lim-py, Tigris, Nao, and all others.

but I do not feel I’m loved.

Po had given me a new insight, but my vision is my vision.

I am leaving Raheema. I am saddened, but I am.

Demoozi had given me some remorse which I respect, but he wouldn’t understand that Tigris is not coming back. If she would; it would not be for him.

Raheema my dear; I love you…But I have to go.

I had wanted you to help me packing, but now ,I think I do not need to pack.

I’ll just bathe and go”

“I’ll rub your back in the shower”

She did. and blessed him goodbye.

Breeze walked away, a little gesture to Demoozi who was amazed of what was happening and almost glued to the tree trunk.

Breeze walked on.

into the sea; xwhere Tigris may have walked into before.